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Red Level Task List

Complete one activity for every book you read.

Write a letter to the author and tell why you did or did not like the book.

Persuade him/her to change the part you didn’t like.

Write a summary of the book.
Make a timeline of important events in the story.
Make a list of the characters in the story and tell why they are important to the story. Write one paragraph for each character (not less than 10 sentences for each character).
 Tell what do you like in the book such as character, main theme and give two reasons to support your option why you like it.
Describe story elements such as character, theme, setting, conflict, climax and ending.
Illustrate the story into logical order from beginning to end and write what happens in each picture.
Pretending that you are a news reporter, provide a 5- minute oral broadcast of the story.
Create a tour guide for a place in the story (advertisement for the place etc.).
Re-tell some events in the story from another character’s point of view.
Write a written interview with one of the characters in the story.
Character Diary. Write the diary of a character in the story.
Write poems inspired by events/situations in the book.
Look for characters’ problems & how they solve them. List steps taken to solve it and the solution.
Comparing and contrasting. Use Venn Diagram chart to compare and contrast characters/things in stories or articles.
Distinguish facts & opinions. Look for facts & opinions in the book or the article.
Recognize cause & effects. Think about events and what caused them.

Pick 4 vocabulary words that either you don’t know the meaning of or are important to understanding the story/book. Complete the Card for each word.

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