Academic Year 2019-20

Science Project: Human Body System -working Model

Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System


Excretory System and Respiratory System

Digestive System


Social Studies Project on The Land Bridge Theory

IMG_2715 IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2728 IMG_2730 IMG_2735 IMG_2743 IMG_2744 IMG_2748 IMG_2749 IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2753 IMG_2754 (1) IMG_2756 Land bridge Theory (during Ice Age ) Social Studies- The land Bridge Theory Model( after the end of Ice Age)

Academic Year 2018-19

Science Class Activity

Exploring Skeletal System

Social Studies Project

Land Bridge Theory 3-D Model ( Before and After Ice Age)


Science Activity


Research Work

Science -Working Models of Human Body Systems

Presentation: Language Art

Health and Wellness day

Social Studies Activity