Resource: Fusion by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Human Body System

  • How do the body system work together to maintain homeostasis?
  • How do your skeletal and muscular systems work together?
  • How the circulatory and respiratory systems works?
  • How do your body’s digestive and excretory systems work?

Human Health

  • How do your body’s defense system work?
  • What causes disease?
  • How are nutrition, fitness and health related?


Interaction of living things

  • How are different parts of an ecosystem connected?
  • How does energy flow through an ecosystem?
  • What determines a population’s size?
  • How do organisms interact?

Earth’s Biomes and Ecosystems

  • What are land Biomes?
  • What are aquatic ecosystems?
  • How do energy and matter move through ecosystems?
  • How do ecosystems change?
  • How do human activities affect ecosystems?

Earth’s Resources

  • How can Earth Support life?
  • What are Earth’s natural resources?
  • How do we use nonrenewable energy resources?
  • How do humans use renewable energy resources?
  • Why should natural resources be managed?

Human Impact on the Environment

  • What impact can human activities have on water resources?
  • What impact can human activities have on land resources?
  • How do humans impact Earth’s atmosphere?
  • How can Earth’s resources be used wisely?


Introduction to Waves

  • What are waves?
  • How can we describe a Wave?
  • What is Sound?
  • How do sound waves travel and interact?
  • How does sound technology work?


  • What is the relationship among various EM Waves?
  • How does light interact with matter?
  • How do mirrors and Lenses work?
  • How do people see?
  • How can light be used?



  • What properties define matter?
  • What are physical and chemical properties of matter?
  • What are physical and chemical changes of matter?
  • How do pure substance and mixed substance compare?
  • How do particles in solids, liquids and gases move?
  • What happens when matter changes state?


  • What is energy?
  • How is temperature related to kinetic energy?
  • What is the relationship between heat and temperature?
  • How does the use of energy resources affect the environment?


The Universe


  • What makes up the universe?
  • What are some properties of stars?
  • How do stars change overtime?



The Solar System

  • How have people modeled the solar system?
  • Why is gravity important in the solar system?
  • What are the properties of the sun?
  • What is known about terrestrial planets?
  • What is known about the gas giant planets?
  • What is found in the solar system besides the sun, planets, and moon?

The Earth-Moon-Sun System

  • How are Earth’s Days, years, and seasons related to the way Earth moves in space?
  • How do earth, the moon, and the sun affect each other?
  • What causes tides?

Exploring Space

  • What can we learn from space image?
  • How do we explore space?
  • What are some milestones of space exploration?